Wake up Charlie Occupy!! The big US De-Populator is ready to fire!! #SanOnofre #FukushimaUSA! D’oh!

#Nuclear #SanOnofre #FukushimaUSA ALERTS!!!
Anybody else feeling a little sad…..

Lucy Occupy Says...

#Nuclear #SanOnofre #FukushimaUSA ALERTS!!!
Anybody else feeling a little sad after today’s #NRC #SCE #SONGS kill talks??!! :/

Capture  Hi World, Reality is Just One Option

#SONGS appears to be a ‘done deal’….. seems they’re gonna kill us faster than #Fuku is killing us all (or, more politely stated, ‘seems they will shorten our life-spans faster than Fukushima has already and continues to shorten our life spans!’).

With the fuel pools at #SONGS, and the type of reactors, we’re looking at escalating lethal insanities.  Meltdowns will cause the same ‘unstoppable’ problems as those in progress at #Fukushima Daiichi, where there has been immediate danger to the entire world since 3.11.11…… with the triggering of the ELE/extinction level event.  See more at ASK ABOUT FUKUSHIMA NOW… http://askaboutfukushimanow.com/about/

Right off the bat, with the intended EXPERIMENTAL RESTART of SanOnofre, there are more than 18 million soon-to-be-maimed and dead in California USA, then the rads will kinda/sorta ‘float’ northeast and hammer…

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