Mic Check: Is it Wrong To Want One of These??!! Who loves you ?!!

Lucy Occupy Says...

Who loves you ??!!   Who wants you away from your computers, the internet and your BVFs  (Best Virtual Friends)??!!

Who/What wants you in the Streets— singing songs, carrying signs and inhaling radioactive isotopes from home and abroad???



think think think

Alll nuclear reactors leak, alll the time.
Fukushima Triple Nuclear Meltdowns have been in progress since 3.11.11….. March 11, 2011…..contaminating the entire globe.
What’s next?  SanOnofre also known as #FukushimaUSA ?!!
Mic Check:  Is it Wrong To Want One of These??!!

FB Friend: Protest those [ #nuclear ] plants, but…

do not do it near them if you value your life
Lucy Occupy: Yes!!! Value Life! Shun the Streets and Pied Pipers of Hamelin and of Nuclear Persuasions and Extend Your Life-Span to FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT while praying for the already dead and dying.

Singing songs and marching and carrying signs was a strategy yesteryear….20th Century…

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