All reactors leak all the time.
Is SanOnofre, California next? #FukushimaUSA?! D’oh!! We are the Media Now. Use any/all tools to OCCUPY VIRTUALLY!

Lucy Occupy Says...

Capture  SanOnofre proximity


This square photo illustrates the magnitude of the reach from an impending SanOnofre Nuclear Meltdown…. minimally 300 miles immediately…. and by now we all know how far the Fukushima radioactive isotopes travel to reach you and yours, around the globe.

Is SanOnofre next?  FukushimaUSA?  D’oh!!

Evacuation Plan

There is, sadly, no place to run, no place to hide.

Have we alerted all 18+ million people at immediate risk of shortened life spans in the event of a dangerous restart of SONGS?!   Keep posting!  We ARE the Media….We do not…FORGET…..



Ask About Fukushima Now know that All reactors lea - 455296037815605


……Start the Trials for Nuclear Crimes Against Humanity!

Radiation knows NO Boundaries.

Start here and keep moving forward:  
San Onofre SONGS polite PUBLIC NUCLEAR HEARINGS FEBRUARY 2013  Public Virtual Event · By Lucy Occupy and Friends

Let no one doubt that the…

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