Ask About Fukushima Now

Long ago, on March 11, 2011…… three NUCLEAR REACTORS were reported by the various agencies to have melted down..…within hours of loss of cooling pools of water……and several others reportedly were severely damaged in a place

called Fukushima.

The officials demanded calm and peace, and lied to the Many that ‘there is no immediate danger’ and assured that ‘cold shut down’ would be achieved. They even sent in geiger-countered wild-monkeys and robots….. to get the job done, taking them away from their work of learning how to ‘shut off the sun’.

Many fake attempts at solutions were made. “Experts” came from far away, to help the banksters relocate their funds.

Alas, the reactors, still in meltdown, were still tooo ‘hot’ for humans or robots………..alll that came in contact with Reactors #1, 2, 3 and sometimes 4 ……had sad and immediate consequences.

The only actions taken for many many…

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